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All (but this one) of these containers are moveable!!! please move them,, this took so long to figure out how to do lol! hope these links help ^^

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Find me other places - Notepad
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me on da web!!1

instagram (im most active here)






OC site

Graphics - Notepad
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flamestep graphics :assornment of graphics

pixelsoup : free to use pixel graphics!

prismatic realm graphics : cool anime graphics

dokodemo buttons: cute buttons to use

Coding resources - Notepad
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w3schools: gives you everything you need!

colorcodes: color codes so you dont have to look them up

cbox: free chatbox for your site!!

sadgrl layout builder: easy to use layout builder!!

metalvalley codes: special codes you can use

scripred resources: free coding resources

repth layouts: free layouts to use!

misc links - Notepad
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fun sites on the web!

spacehey: fun myspace clone!!

dollz revival : dollmaker site super easy to use and cute

public transit reigen page : self explanatory

more to come... maybe....