January 24

tuesday, jan 30

this week has been HARD but anyways

im currently in the process of dying my hair back to ginger

it was ginger this time last year as well and i really miss it

i dont have much to update

i went on two impromptu dates with my girlfriend this week!!

big yippee!!

thursday, jan 18

i spent 250 on clothes yesterday cause i wanted to change my style.

a very understandable use of my money i feel

went to this small shop and got boba after school today

also read girl, interrupted

got a journal

life is good. peaceful even.

learning to like myself, maybe even love myself

its been good so far

sorry my uodates havent been very descriptive and stuff but be honest, do yall REALLY care about half the shit i say?

that sounds mean, but its genuine

peace and love

sunday jan 14


so i just come home from a lovely outing with my lovely girlfriend (and by outing i mean just chilling at her house for 17 hours straight

so as im heading back into my room

my fucking MOTHER. is like

"oh sweetie before you go to bed can you come take this drug test for me"

and im immediately like... what???


my only theory is she was snooping around my room and found these fuckin sleep pills (PRESCRIBED DW) that my gf gave me and they KINDA look like percs

AND THEN SHE WANTS TO KOOMBAYAH like "oh if theres anything that you mightve done tell me now cause if this drug test comes back dirty..."


like other than the sleep meds i cannot imagine a single reason for her to be so fucking suspicious like what???

tuesday, jan 9

hallo!! updating from school cause were back now

i do NAWTTTTT feel like being here, on my literal first day back i almost went off on my english teacher, shes just LITERALLY a cunt oh my god

i was like nodding off in class cause i didn't get home till 11 and still had to wait for my dinner to arrive at twelve and so after that i literally couldnt sleep so i woke up late, and so i put my head down in class cause she's literally just talking and by talking i mean repeating herself. So my heads down and she comes over to me and bitches at me to get up or go tot the nurse, so i asked to go to the nurse and then the bitch ignored me???? like girl i am not the one nor the two.

anyways on the home front, i got myself a lighter!!! i dont need to ask my mom for one to light my candles yippeeeee

also got disowned AGAIN SO FUNNNN

also so i got a ride from work from one of my coworkers right? and his cousin gave me this like shot bottle or whatever it was like 99 watermelon something i dunno i don't drink AND FOR GOOD REASON. SINCE i dont drink i mixed it with a like two day old cup of mcdonalds sprite and chugged it so i dont have to taste it nd GOD so my plan was to just get drunk and watch saltburn with my girlfriend. i did nothing of the sort dude, i was on the floor for like a fucking hour like hugging my toilet AND IT AINT LIKE SHIT WAS COMIN UP thinking about it makes me all queezy n shit GOD nothing bad to say about the girl who gave it to me she's great lol

also!!!! think my coworker is my friend now so fun being social yippeee!!!!

ALSO LOOK!!!! AT THIS FUCKING CANDLE!!!!! theres a collection and i need them ALL. RIGHT NEOW. IN MY ROOM.

i really need to get more candles thats my plan for my next paycheck,, and also moving out. need to get on that my moms been being insane lately and i am literally just not for it nomore

anyways that's all i hope the new years treating you all well ^^

wednesday, jan 3


it's almost 11 pm and i have to get up early tomorrow to rehearse for rehearsal because i've been working all break with only TWO count em TWO proper days off, and one of those was christmas... so... yeah have NAWT been memorizing my lines.... kinda,,, i have the first page memorized mainly because thats what was used for auditions...

what am i doing currently? on the phone, not rehearsing, BUT I DID DO THAT EARLIER SO.... YEAH

i had a neat day at work, and by that i mean i literally only had to do my job (a playground attendant) twice lol. I told a girl to get from the top off the bouncehouse and reminded another to take her shoes off, pretty successful day at work if i do say so. AND!!! the missus came to pick me up! she picked me up yesterday too! very neat very nice, feel ver married coded. I got her this stuffed cat from my job to match the cow i have, i know those animals don't neccesarily coencide but in my defense it was supposed to be a dog. and she was gonna name him after me to match how i named my cow sophia. cause i like cows, and i like her!

on my way home i stopped at walmart to get some much neglected neccessities (this will come up later) and i got some candles while i was there! it wasn't on my list and i had to dip into my savings because i am literally capital b broke but!! i'm glad i got them, i just wish i had gotten another one of the candle i already had cause the wax is runnin a lil low... and it smells SO good!! like UFHGH its iced caramel macchiato!! it's so yummy!! ^^ the new ones i got are back yard bonfire and spun pumpkin sugar... i like for my candles to cgo along with whatever season im in and i know it's literally january but i LOVE FALL SO MUCH UGHHHHH it is literally my favorite season ever it's just so peaceful!! so yeah now i've got a candle on my bedside table and two on my dresser and it makes my room not only smell nice but just FEEL sooooo cozy i love it so much the only way it could be better is if it was raining and i was reading a good book

i wanna be one of those book girlies!! i've got some on my wishlist for when i get some cash,, and speaking of DUDE i had to pay the light bill and it like DRAINED my bank account ugh i hated it. My mom asked me and i just couldn't say no, i will no longer ever brag about how good my check is gonna be ever again cause that just pissed me all the way of i KNOW she had money but she still asked me to pay. Thats like,, like i am not an adult, i'd see if i was, but i got a job to buy cute clothes and pay for dates with my girlfriend. I'll get into the adult responsibility lifestyle when im a goddamn adult. i dunno that like irks me so hard and it's literally not the first time she asked me to pay a bill, just last week she asked me for 264 dollars for some shit. and of course like a damn pushover i agreed to give her the money, but she really pissed me off earlier and i think it's the catalyst for me to really put my foot down

so remember how i said i went to walmart for necessities? so getting my own hygeine stuff i dont mind, i mean it's kinda shitty my mom buys it for her manchild of a boyfriend but not her own child but hey, i've always been kinda hyper independent when it comes to taking care of myself so it's nothing new really, but anyways. So that trip to walmart was like dire, like could not be passed up, i have no toothpaste i need to go to walmart. So she calls me, cause she's out of town right now, and she's like, "oh did you go to walmart? i thought we were gonna go together i was kind of banking on it" pretty sure she was just gonna ask me to buy me shit but whatever. So i explain to her, yeah no i couldnt pass that up any longer im out. and she asked me earlier to cook something but i swear to god i got up to cook was in the kitchen, dishes out, pots on to boil, and i just COULD NOT like i felt like i was so neaseous i was gonna pass out, so i was like "no sorry, i just didn't feel good" and she gets mad and hangs up. like ????? im sorry???? i wasn't even gonna eat the damn porkchops bruh. and i've already told her i don't like cooking when shes out cause it feels like im cooking for her nigga and im NAWT fuckin with it. I dunno i kinda blew up after that it just made me SO mad.

anyways, nothing much more eventful has happened lol, think im gonna get some ramen for dinner ^^

monday, jan 1

hallo!!! happy new yuri! may you all kiss lots of girls!

anyways YES HELLO A NEW BLOG IS UPON US! i'm slowly but surely getting rid of all the pages i didn't compleetely code by hand and also i just wanted a new blog so woe, new blog be upon ye lol!

i hope you all had a lovely new years eve! i spent mine working and doing laundy,, i'll probably clean my room at some point today

this is the year i graduate, like yeah i'm in my senior year but it didn't really sink in till now because im class of 24.... its 24... i have to go out into the real world in 144 days... thats SCARY like WHAAAATTT that's so... my god dude i'm not READYYY i wanna be a teenager forever :'(